Bearhawk N6786E #164 Limited Performance Evaluation -- August 2017

Bearhawk 20 Minute Flight Test-- Report from a "20 Minute Flight Test" done for a University of Missouri Kansas City professor visiting TPS. March 2023

Mr. Bearhawks' Wild Ride -- my article as published in KITPLANES about a harrowing encounter with extreme turbulence

Bearhawk Auxiliary Flap Handle -- Planting your face into the instrument panel is a less than desirable way to operate any primary control on an aircraft. After years of noodling I finally came up with a way to adress some of the undesirable features of operating the flaps. As a bonus, I finally got to use that T-38 parachute D-ring I had been carrying around since my days as a survival instructor 40 years previous.

Bearhawk Starter Replacement -- During a condition inspection, bumping the Skytec 122-NL starter showed parts moving that shouldn't. Sky-Tec replaced this starter under warranty even though the starter was well out of warranty because the problem had been identified as an engineering weakness five years earlier.

Bearhawk In-Flight Flap Measurement -- The Bearhawk uses a Piper style cable system to deploy the flaps. Because of cable stretch, the flaps don't actually deflect as much in flight as on the ground. This test quantifies the difference.

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Revised -- 22 November 2023